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Use the inspiring and interesting stories of our everyday entrepreneurs to rediscover their journeys!

Why another challenge? That too focused on micro-entrepreneurship? 

India has always been an entrepreneurial economy. During ancient times, India was the leading exporter of silk, cotton, sugar, precious stones and spices. Even today, more than half of India's population is involved in entrepreneurship, especially micro-entrepreneurship contributing to one-third of India's GDP. Yet, lately, most conversations are focussed on “fast-growing” tech start-ups. This isn’t bad except that there is a HUGE gap and an URGENT need to talk about and celebrate micro-entrepreneurship or as we like to say everyday entrepreneurship rooted in our rich culture, history, heritage and evolution. 

Who can apply/Who is the challenge for? 

The challenge is open to all Indian citizens. If you are keen on bringing to life the stories of micro-entrepreneurship, we want to hear from you!


Grab this opportunity to strengthen your storytelling aptitude and use your voice and skills to share extraordinary stories of (seemingly) ordinary micro-entrepreneurs and their enterprises!

How to participate?

Step 1: Identify a micro-entrepreneur around you that you find interesting and/or important.
Step 2: Spend some time and get to know the micro-entrepreneur and their enterprise.
Step 3: Narrate an original interesting story about the micro-entrepreneur, their enterprise and everything in-between as video, audio, article, or manual/graphic art format in English or Hindi.
Step 4: Submit your application!
Step 5: Pat yourself for your role in helping move towards inclusive entrepreneurship!

Eligibility criteria are covered in the FAQ section.


Optional - Attend our masterclasses and check resources for tips, tricks, and inspiration!

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